Product documentation
Seasoned, technical writers capable of producing quality "first release" documentation for data network and telecommunications systems (completely at home with UNIX)
BancTec, Inc., IBM, NEC, Hughes Network Systems, Alcatel Data Networks

System administration and diagnostic manuals

BancTec, Inc., IBM, NEC, Corporation for Open Systems

Hardware and installation practices

Hughes Network Systems, Lockheed, IBM

Programmer reference documentation and APIs

Visix Software, Inc., BancTec, Inc.

Wireless industry experience

LCC, Inc., Hughes Network Systems

Proposals and marketing support
Proposals are the Olympics of technical writing. We have many gold medals. Past clients include: BancTec, Inc., Cordant-Tracor, Inc., PRC, Inc., LCC, Inc., and others.

What Customers Say:
"The best writing of this kind [switching system overview] we've seen - you only have to read it once to understand how the system works" -- Director, Documentation, Training and Translation, Alcatel Network Systems

"So clearly presented we can actually review it and help make it better." [Testing system installation guide] -- Senior Technical Manager, Corporation for Open Systems

"Excellent work -- you've set a tough standard to live with!" [API Reference Manual] -- CEO, Visix Software, Inc.

"You seem to do this for fun!" [Email gateway software installation manual] -- Director, Software Development, Amadeus Systems, Inc.

"This is about the best we've seen." [Solution description in a proposal] -- Proposal Manager, Tracor, Inc.